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Forme et santé

This application is inspired by the determination of a large number of people who aspire to build their dream bodies and lead healthy lives but often end up with discouraging results! They are motivated and WANT to exercise and diet but DON’T KNOW HOW TO!

This application is for people who are intimidated by the gym or for those gym-goers who wander aimlessly from one machine to the other, occasionally stopping to toss some weights around and settle for the treadmill, the most familiar thing. This is also for those fitness enthusiasts who reach to a plateau in their progress and get bored of following the same regime.

This application is especially helpful to people who know the importance of nutrition and want to eat and stay healthy. Starving and following fad diets can have negative effects: both physiological and emotional.

This application works as your personalized diet and exercise genie and designs your exercises and plans your diet based on your goals. What sets this genie apart is that it doesn’t just tell you how to plan ……It does it for you!!